Hello NMSD families,  

 Spirit is strong in our district, evidenced by the amazing turnout at our school events. It was great to see so many families, community members, and our younger students in grades K-8 in attendance at last Friday’s NMHS football game.

 In order maintain safety for everyone at after school extracurricular events we ask that you remember and abide by the following: 

  • Students who are in 8th grade and younger that attend extracurricular events need to be supervised by an adult/guardian throughout the event or will not be allowed to enter.  
    • Younger teams (e.g. peewees, youth sport teams) are expected to sit together as a group and be supervised by the coaches. 
  • After school, students that are not actively participating in activity supervised by an adult need to leave the building/campus. Examples are waiting for an evening event: band/cheer/sports. 
  •  Students at extracurricular events are held to the same standard as they are during the school day.  

 Following these guidelines will help us ensure student safety. We thank you for your cooperation and support. 

 Dana Rosenbach , Superintendent