Parenting Tips

Research has shown that parent involvement greatly increases students' success in school and life. It can be difficult to imagine sometimes how you can make the time to be more involved. Listed below are different ways you can be involved in your child’s education: 

  • Communicate with your child’s teacher/s about their strengths and struggles 

  • Discuss with your child about their school day and schoolwork daily 

  • Read class/school/district newsletters 

  • Check/Follow your child’s school/district websites and FACEBOOK pages 

  • Volunteer either during the school day or at events that work with your schedule 

  • Attending parent/teacher conferences and request an interpreter if needed 

  • Watch or go to school board meetings 

  • Ask for materials to be in your home language 

  • Fill out surveys that the school district sends you 

  • Participate in the PTA or other school committees that need parent participation 

  • Attend school events that your student participates in

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