Learning Assistance Program (LAP)

The Learning Assistance Program (LAP) is funded through the state to supplement the Title 1 funds at schools that don’t qualify under the federal program.

LAP services are also to be 
diagnostic for specific areas of need and provided directly to individuals or small groups of students intensely focused on those areas. The goal is to bring students up to level quickly and return them to the regular classroom full time. The program funds elementary, middle and high school programs and the focus is on measurable improvement in student achievement in areas served.

Program Models

  • This program focuses on reading, written language, and math. They provide extra time, instruction, and/or additional practice. They are supplemental, students receive this help in addition to the regular class instruction of the subject for their needs Funding
    As Title I is a federally funded program, the district must meet certain criteria to receive funds.

  • Buildings must have 35% or more of their students receiving free/reduced lunches to be eligible.

  • Currently Belfair Elementary and Sand Hill Elementary receive Title I funds.   LAP is a State funded program and used to supplement the Title I monies for buildings/students which would not otherwise have funds available for programs.

  • Belfair Elementary and Sand Hill Elementary receive only LAP funds in addition to their Title funds.  Hawkins Middle School and North Mason High School receive on LAP funds. 

Student Selection
Student eligibility to receive services is based on several factors:

  • A first screening is done by reviewing students scores on the SBAC. Those who score in the 25th percentile or below in reading and/or math are targeted.

  • Students then are assessed by the district.

  • Teacher referrals are considered, along with the standardized and classrooms assessments.

Parent referrals are also considered.

Complaint Procedures

Districts disseminate free of charge to parents of students, and to appropriate private school officials or representative, adequate information about OSPI's written complaint procedures for resolving issues of violation(s) of a Federal statute or regulation that applies to Title I, Part A programs). [Chapter 392-168 WAC Special Services Programs-Citizen complaint Procedures for Certain Categorical Federal Programs.]

For more information email:  Amber Nygard or phone (360) 277-2309

Additional information can be found on the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) website at:
Learning Assistance Program