Early Entrance to Kindergarten (EEK)

What is Early Entrance to Kindergarten?

Early Entrance to Kindergarten (EEK) is a rigorous screening process to find out if a student is ready to start kindergarten early.

Washington state and North Mason School District require that students entering kindergarten in the fall turn five (5) before midnight of August 31 of the enrollment year. This process is for children whose fifth (5th) birthday falls between September 1 and October 31.

What you should know about Early Entrance to Kindergarten (EEK)

Please Note: EEK is not a placement process for Advanced Learning.

Early Entrance to Kindergarten is not related in any way to Advanced Learning
eligibility. Only students currently enrolled in grades 1-12 can be evaluated for advanced learning.

NMSD carefully considers each student’s success throughout their K-12 experience. Students who begin their educational journey early can encounter additional challenges while being the youngest student in a class. Because of this, we only accept a small number of students who apply for EEK. Those who are accepted are well above average in all areas of development.

Before continuing, please go to the WaKIDS link describing state expectations for kindergarten readiness.

Frequently Asked Questions