Surveillance Cameras

School students’ security and safety is a major concern. Some students are constantly late for school and often violate school rules. With security cameras, school administrators can keep a track of those students, which helps school principals decide how to best solve this issue.

School surveillance cameras installed plain in sight are a great deterrent for criminals. No one wants to be caught on the act. For example, when seeing school surveillance cameras in school parking lots staring at them, potential perpetrators may think twice about committing a criminal act. About 60% convicted burglars stated the presence of a security camera system influenced their decision to look for another easy target.

If the worst situation happens — one of the students got robbed, the images/videos captured by school security cameras are useful for investigating vandalism or violence. With evidence, the criminals can be caught by the police much more easily.

As public places, there are many visitors entering and leaving schools every day. School security cameras make it easier for schools to watch any visitors from any Internet connected devices. It’s a useful way to eliminate unauthorized intruders.

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National Center for Education Statistics