Small Works Roster

Shared Small Works Roster Registration - MRSC Rosters is where contractors who provide small works services can register to be on one or multiple participating public agency small works rosters and in doing so be eligible to bid on small works projects under $350,000.

For more information or to register, go to MRSC Rosters.

Minimum Qualifications- Small Works Contractors must meet the following qualifications, as required by the Washington small works statute RCW 39.04.350. *Public Agencies may request additional information for projects.

• Valid Email Address
• WA Unified Business Identifier Number (UBI#)
• Federal Tax ID#
• Active Department of Revenue account
• Employment Security # (if you have Employees)
• Contractor License
• Additional Licenses (e.g. electrical)
• Bonding Company (or ability to obtain a bond)
• Pay Prevailing Wages
• Liability Insurance