Fall Reopening Plan

Frequently Asked Questions for Opening in the fall


Frequently asked questions:

Letter from Kitsap County Health Department

Reopening plan power point from Zoom Parent Forum

11:30 am Parent Forum Video

2:30 pm Parent Forum Video

6:30 pm Parent Forum Video

How will the school open in the fall?

100% remote for the first 9 weeks, then we will reevaluate.

What does the remote learning look like?

The teachers will provide a full school day of instruction and learning experiences in our remote learning model this fall. 

What does the remote plan mean for my student with special needs?

We will consider the needs of each child individually and build a plan to support learning within our model based on their needs. We plan to begin the year with Back-to School conferences for all students. During these conferences, students will meet their teachers and be issued devices and learn about how to use them and about necessary software. They will be assessed so we have the information we need to support them in this new environment. In addition, students with special needs will meet with their support teams to craft plans to effectively and safely meet their learning needs.

Will all students, including Kindergarten start on September 2nd?

Yes for the most part. Kindergarten students will be testing and conferencing with their teachers the first week.

What is the online curriculum?

Kindergarten-5th grade is FuelED and 6th-12th is Edgenuity

See Saw is the learning management system we use for Kinder-5th grade families. Teams is for 6-12th grade. This is where the teachers will upload all of the work and videos to then the students will log in to there to get their work. 

How much time is spent online in the Online programs?

70% offline and 30% online

What back to school supplies do we need?

The staff will be back in the school buildings next week and will be sending that info out

What if we do not have a computer at home?

The school district will be providing a computer for every student enrolled in North Mason School District. The schools will start sending out information next week on when to pick the devices up. They will also being showing the students and parents how to use the learning management system. 

What if we have no connectivity?

Students will have an opportunity to collect work from their schools, for example: Paper Packets or a flash drive with the work on it. In addition, we are considering how to use available hot spots and community partnerships to support student access. Teachers and other staff will be available to provide support remotely. Parents can go to one of the hot spots we are setting up to download the work and are able to go back home to do the downloaded work. 

What classes does my senior need to graduate?

The counselors will be contacting the students before school starts to make sure they are on track to graduate. 

What about sports and activities?

WIAA (the governing body for school sports) has been meeting throughout the spring and summer. Their most recent announcement, on the evening of July 21st, described a new season calendar for the coming year. This includes moving some fall sports to later in the year, in the hopes that conditions improve. (LINK here) Click here for new information after the July 28 board meeting. 

What about lunch and breakfast?

The school will be providing breakfast and Lunch for every student enrolled in Preschool-12th grade for free. The weeks worth of food can be picked up at Belfair Elementary, Sand Hill Elementary and North Mason high School every Wednesday. 

Will we have snow days?

No we will not have snow days. Since the kids will be working remotely they can still do their school day from home. 

When will we get the yearbooks?

Yearbooks will be passed out when the computers are handed out. 


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