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Staff Spotlight: Vince Lee


Our next Staff Spotlight goes to Vince Lee, Warehouse and Maintenance!

Here are just a few of the reasons Vince was nominated:

"I would like to nominate Vince Lee. Have you ever received something in the district mail and wonder how did Vince ever know it was for you? Even though there are so many names on the envelope and some are not crossed off he still manages to deliver it to the correct person. Vince has a wonderful demeanor and always has a smile for you even when he has been getting soaked out in the rain. ?? If you are looking for something, he is like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat. He can find pretty much anything you need in the warehouse."

"Of the many things I appreciate about Vince, one that I appreciate the most is how he tries to save us money as a district. He’s always willing to come up with supplies he has stored away which can be recycled instead of buying new. One I recall was when I asked if he had any hanging file folders, that very day he showed up with a very large moving box full of them, many were brand new! I was able to take what I needed and he carried away the remaining to put back in supply. He’s brought staplers, staple pullers, rulers etc. all items we needed and would have had to purchase had it not been for Vince."

"He keeps our district connected via deliveries and so much more! He works hard during moves and deliveries that seem to make them work like magic!"

"Vince has been a friendly face since I started with the district. Always helpful with getting the mail out on time and patiently waiting when necessary to get time sensitive items out. He is the builder of furniture, finder of supplies and deliverer of mail. He helps make the days go by more smoothly! Thank you Vince!"

Thank you for all you do for NMSD Vince!

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