Transportation Snow Routes

Last Updated: 7/10/2018 10:13 PM

What are Snow Routes?
Our buses will provide limited transportation when snow and/or icy roads result in hazardous conditions. Bus schedule timing is less predictable in snowy weather; students should plan on getting to their stops a few minutes early. If the stop is in the middle of a hill, students must walk to the top or the bottom of a hill for an alternate bus stop. Once snow routes are announced for the day, they will be in effect for the entire day, even if road conditions improve.

Please be patient with our buses. Inclement weather can cause delays with the exact time of the bus arriving. We do our best to arrive as close to the scheduled time as we can. 

If you have any questions, please call transportation at 360-277-2301.


Printable Snow Routes for Monday Early Release and Regular Schedule Release 
Updated 1-14-2020 Belfair Elementary Snow Routes
Updated 1-14-2020 Sand Hill Elementary Snow Routes 
Updated 1-14-2020 Hawkins Middle School & North Mason High School Snow Routes 

Printable Snow Routes for Holiday/Conference Days Updated routes coming soon (When Secondary is released at 11:25am and Elementary is released at 12:50pm)
Belfair Elementary Holiday/Conference Day Snow Route
Sand Hill Elementary Holiday/Conference Day Snow Route
Hawkins Middle School & North Mason High School Holiday/Conference Day Snow Route



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