The Time Has Come: Let's Pass the Bond

Last Updated: 12/7/2018 11:32 PM

As your school board we listen to your concerns and communicate with you frequently in many forums.  We are good stewards of your resources and tell you the truth about the condition of our common asset—our public schools.  As we have listened and spoken to parents, teachers, business people, seniors, civic groups, community associations, and neighbors we have sensed an optimistic and growing conviction:  THE TIME HAS COME FOR OUR COMMUNITY TO PASS A BOND.  

The need has never been greater.  Our buildings have been well maintained but our Middle School and High School are 30 years old and have exceeded their useful life.   The symptoms are familiar: overcrowding at NMHS, HMS, outdated infrastructure throughout the district, etc.  The problem is deeper.  Technology, advances in education, and the diverse needs of our student body have outstripped the capacity of our buildings to adapt.  Twenty-first century conditions require facilities configured so that the current number of our teachers can efficiently yet personally educate students with different needs and skill sets and career interests.  Our teachers, staff and administrators can do the job: WE NEED TO GIVE OUR KIDS AND OUR TEACHERS THE TOOLS TO GET THE JOB DONE!

The time has never been better.  Construction costs are at an all time low and there is fierce competition for work among construction firms.   At no time could our community get such great value for every dollar it invests.  Local businesses will also benefit from the influx of work, new customers and revenues. 

The plan has never been better.  The no-frills design for a new high school and middle school will address issues of overcrowding at NMHS and HMS that have continued for generations.  The design will also address infra-structure issues in all our schools that are necessary, to make our physical plants and play areas more efficient, safe and cost-effective. 

The tax rate will be low--and the State Matching Funds will make our dollars go further.   The project local contribution: $49,000,000.   State matching funds up t $14,000,000.  Term: 25 years.   Est. Cost Per Assessed Property Value: $1.13/$1,000.  The cost would be approximately $19.00 per month* or $226/year, $4.35/week, .62c/day.  The cost of the bond will be offset by the ending of the capital levy for $0.44 cents of the total, making the INCREASE in total taxes $0.69 cents per thousand.  *Estimated cost for $200,000 home.  The first tax payment is not due until April, 2014. 

Senior Citizens can qualify for tax exemptions.  Call Mason County Assessor 360.275.4467.

Our schools are more than buildings.  They are outward and visible signs of our community values.  Shape the future today by supporting our kids and tomorrow’s workers, professionals, neighbors tax-payers and citizens!