Thank you voters!

Last Updated: 7/11/2018 3:25 PM

THANK YOU VOTERS for your overwhelming endorsement of the Capital Bond. With at 61.99% yes vote, you are sending a strong vote of confidence to our kids, teachers, staff, administrators and in the progress of our district in educating every child every day.

The board agreed with the campaign committee’s theme of “The Right Plan, The Right Price, The Right Time.” So did our community. It has been 25 years since we have had a bond, and we have been submitting plans to the voters since 2002. Not only did we have a great plan, but on behalf of the board I wish to thank the many volunteers who helped with the campaign, and the many donors who provided funds to the campaign committee. We had sign waivers. We had door bellers. We had information tables and displays throughout the community. We had yard signs and buttons. LOTS of yard signs and buttons. We had some great big signs by Dr. LePere. We had reader boards (thank you businesses!!) and signs in store windows. Parent groups were active and effective. Our staff gave of their time and money to see this happen for the kids. And, importantly, we had great leadership.

The Board particularly wants to thank Mike Young for chairing the campaign, and board colleagues Craig Patti and Laura Boad for committee leadership. We thank Ray Mow and his colleagues at Erickson-McGovern Architects for all of the pre-bond planning and display boards. Thank you to Trevor Carlson and his folks at Seattle Northwest Securities who developed financing alternatives and helped us settle on our plan. Thank you Pam Merrill for the great work on district and campaign materials. Thanks to the leaders of the community groups that let the committee and district come and present. Thank you, too, Port of Allyn, Chamber of Commerce, Realtors, PTAs and PTOs, and others who stood up and endorsed the bond. Last, thank you Superintendent Peterson for helping create the climate, tone, and sense of possibility that guided the work.

Together we have much to be proud of and much to look forward to.  We will be building a new high school, renovating and modernizing the current high school to become a "like new" middle school, and making significant improvements at both elementary schools. The projects, all together, will take at least four years to complete -- and probably five. There is much to do, and we have already started. This is an exciting time for our district AND our community. A new era has arrived.

Please visit our district website to see some proposed project graphics.