Together, We are Building a Bright Future!

Last Updated: 7/10/2018 10:32 PM

September is here and so are all the signs that kids are back at school.

This year North Mason has added some new faces- both students and staff. We are off to a really great start and this year will be one that all of our students remember.  So, what is new?

North Mason is building a new high school, updating our elementary schools and we will also be remodeling the former high school into a state of the art middle school.  At this point we are ahead of schedule and on target with our budget.

We have also implemented a new way to encourage good behavior in the classrooms with predictable expectations or should I say “great expectations”. Since this new approach has been applied we have seen disciplinary issues in our schools take a sharp decrease. This means that we have more constructive educational time in the classroom, less distractions and more students engaged in the learning process.

Other exciting changes in our district include forming a citizen advisory committee to find the best way to keep Sam Theler’s dream alive, while also preserving the Theler wetlands classroom for our students. We held a community forum recently and the outpouring of support for our kids and the Theler Center was absolutely amazing.

Many came and shared that they appreciated being included in the process, had wonderful ideas and offered great input. I am looking forward to many more of these opportunities. We can learn so much from one another and the more we can find ways to work together the stronger we are going to be!

Please feel free to visit our website and ask us questions, watch our new high school grow right out of the ground or learn about new and exciting things happening right here in North Mason.


Dinah Lee Griffey

Director, District 5