Poised on Brink of a New N Mason Educational Era

Last Updated: 7/9/2018 9:45 PM

This September a new North Mason High School will open its doors.  Several North Mason graduates have played key roles in bringing the new school to our community.

Our new school will do more than address the problem of overcrowding, and replacing and updating infrastructure and equipment. The new North Mason High School will advance the instructional effectiveness of our teachers and accommodate and motivate the learning potential of our young adults.

  • The building will provide spaces that can be configured and easily reconfigured for different assignments, projects, learning and teaching styles.

  • Students will be able to meet in small and large groups, or find quiet spaces where they can work alone.

  • Students will have state-of-the-art technology (electronic equipment) in classrooms and labs.

  • Our much larger library will give our kids and their teachers research and retrieval resources equal to those of a small college!

The people of North Mason by their citizenship, pride in community and generosity have made possible this new school.  In turn, the new school will mark a new era in the relation of the North Mason School District to our constituents and to our young adults.

  • Our new high school will offer spaces for community groups to meet.

  • Our new high school will promote community awareness of opportunities for tutoring, mentoring and participation.

  • Our new auditorium will make possible the revival of community theater.

  • Our new gym will seat 1,500 and enable us to host regional athletic events.

  • Finally, we can celebrate our senior graduation ceremonies at home.

The best instruction in the best-equipped facility will not succeed without the personal support of families and community mentors. Our young people need to believe that their North Mason Community values and supports them and has equipped them to take advantage of life's emerging opportunities.  Our young people also need to know that beyond laying a foundation for their economic security, this community has shared with them models of lives that are fulfilling, joyful, and of service to others.

Prominent among such examples are the many North Mason Graduates whose science and art skills designed our school and whose labor is daily making it a reality.

We're grateful to these North Mason graduates who have worked hard to design and build our new high school, and we are extremely proud of your excellent work.

Raymond Mow - Class of 1987 - Principal in Charge, Erickson/McGovern (General Contractor)

Tunista Construction (Earthwork Contractor) 

         Andy Taylor - Class of 2001

         Shannon Leinneweber - Class of 2001

         Chris Taylor (attended NM 1991-2003 but moved before graduation)

Aaron Beeson - Logging equipment operator

Tony Brown - Northwest Mountain Air BNCC, Inc. - General Contractor

         Justin Macomber - Class of 1996 - Carpenter

         Mike Ellis - attended 9-10th gr - Carpenter

         Steve Hupper - Class of 2003 - Civil Engineer 

Thank you!

Art Wightman – District 1

Leanna Krotzer – District 2

Laura Boad – District 3

John Campbell -District 4


Dinah Lee Griffey – District 5