Family Resources

Last Updated: 10/19/2022 7:43 PM

School and Family Resources

North Mason School District is dedicated to ensuring that every student can receive the best educational experience possible.  Unfortunately, sometimes there are circumstances in a child's life that become a barrier to receiving that educational experience.

In order to assist children and their families with these circumstances, NMSD has a Director of Inclusive Education, Kyle Ehlis, who can be reached at (360) 277-2112 or email:

The School and Family Coordinator, Jennifer Johnen, who can be reached at (360) 277-2241 or, links families and students with food and clothing banks, medical resources, mental health counseling, and state and local resource agencies. Students and families frequently participate in more than one service with the focus on student achievement.

The focus of the School and Family Coordinator is to connect students and their families to the resource that can address barriers to education and allow students to achieve to their fullest potential.

The focus is to help students to:

•   Live in a safe, healthy, civil environment

•   Achieve their highest learning potential

•   Become productive community members

Supports include:

•   Food, clothing, housing, and employment assistance

•   Health services

•   Mental health services

•   Parent support

•   Financial support

•   Transportation support

Eligibility Criteria:

•    Individual and family needs beyond schools' conventional resources

•    Clear unmet need for coordination of efforts

Increase academic potential by:

•   Increasing access to basic needs

•   Addressing health care access and problem resolution

•   Addressing social-emotional supports for children and families in distress.

For more information contact:

Kyle Ehlis, Director of Inclusive Education, North Mason School District
(360) 277-2112