Middle School Programs Grades 6 - 8

Last Updated: 12/13/2018 8:34 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Honors?

Honors classes provide students the opportunity to grow in their area of strength.  Honors classes offer a challenging curriculum and also offer students the opportunity to develop relationships and interact with peers of similar intellectual ability and interest level.

How are Honors Classes different?

Varying levels of intellectual demand is what makes an Honors class more challenging.  Students have academic/intellectual advancements, interests, and strengths, which are supported by a learning environment that encourages and supports these students differing academic needs.

Can my child get high school credit?

High school credit opportunities are available for students enrolled in accelerated math.  Students taking Algebra A & B can obtain high school credit.  Be sure to inform the high school registrar once courses have been completed successfully.

How many Honors classes should my child take?

Speak to the middle school counselor and discuss your child's possibilities.  Placement decisions can be reviewed, and it is important to determine the most appropriate match for your child.

For more details, contact Mirka Kjelstad, Hawkins Counselor at 277-2130 or email at mkjelstad@northmasonschools.org.