Grab & Go Meal Locations

Last Updated: 4/7/2020 7:27 PM

Beginning October 5 North Mason School District will begin delivering meals on Wednesdays only to children age 0-18 within the community via bus. Children will be receiving 5 days of breakfast and lunches on Wednesdays.  We will also have the option for parents, caregivers, guardians, and students to pick up meals behind North Mason High School, behind Belfair Elementary and in front of Sandhill Elementary. Pick-up hours will be between 11am and 12 pm. Individuals will be able to drive-thru to pick up the meals. Students do not need to be present to receive meals. The meals offered follow the USDA guidelines for reduced fat, reduced sugar, whole grains, and low sodium. If your student has a doctor’s note that lists allergies and you would like to arrange meals that meet their dietary needs please contact Michelle Waller at 360-277-2121 or


Buses will be delivering to all areas of the district via eight different routes. Meal deliveries via bus will be between the hours of 10:00 am and 1:00 pm.  All times are approximate please be out 5 minutes prior to the stop time, and please wait 10 minutes after stop time. If a bus is running late, we will send out a message on the Stopfinder app to all those on the route who have downloaded the app. You may also call the transportation department to inquire about bus location/stops. If you would like to know the specific stop information for your student please ensure you have access to the Stopfinder app. You can call or email transportation at 360-277-2301, or and we will help you get on the app or tell you the times for your specific students.

Our bus drivers and food service employees look forward to continuing meal delivery this winter and seeing our students and children in the community.


Grab and Go Route 1    View Court, Tee Lake, Haven Lake, Lake Christine, Dewatto, Tahuya River Valley, Belfair Tahuya Rd, Collins Lake Ranch Rd.

Grab and Go Route 2    Sandhill Rd, Bear Creek Dewatto, Elfendahl Pass, Mission Creek

Grab and Go Route 3    Maggie Lk, Bald Point, Tahuya River Road, North Shore, Beck rd., Anchor Dr.

Grab and Go Route 4    Beards Cove & Lynch Cove -Larson Lake Blvd, Larson Lake Road, Captain Kidd Court, Schooner Loop, Saber Admiral, Mast, Captain Hook, Santa Maria, Barbara, Mathew, Kathys dr, Lennys loop, Burt ct.

Grab and Go Route 5    South Shore, Twanoh Falls Beach Park, Twanoh Falls, Cedar St, Alderwood, Alder Creek, Hwy 3 To garage, Trails End Lake, Rasor Rd.

Grab and Go Route 6    Grapeview Loop, Mason Lake Fire station, Pickering Anthony Rd, Krabbenhoft, Island View, Thomas Rd, Sherwood Creek

Grab and Go Route 7    Katchemak Lane, Shear, Clifton, Old Belfair Hwy, Newkirk, Mahonia, Riverhill, Belfair, Romance Hill, Tiger Lake, Mission Lake

Grab and Go Route 8    Lake Devereaux, Wheelwright Street, Lakeland Village, Allyn, Victor