Athletic Calendar Sign-Up

How to Sign Up

  1. Access to the North Mason Events calendar by clicking here.

  2. Click the Sign In  icon at the top right of the calendar page.

  3. Click the Sign Up link from that page.

  4. Type in all required information (Email address, First and Last name).  Then, click the Sign Up button located at the bottom of the page.

  5. An email will be sent to your inbox.

  6. Access your email account and open the email from webmaster.

  7. Click activate account  at the bottom of the mail to access your account information.

After Sign Up

  1. The calendar will prompt you to enter a password (min 8 characters) into your account information after clicking activate account  inside your email.

  2. Click the activate  button at the bottom of the screen to officially activate your account.  The next screen will ask you to enter your email and password.

  3. Use your email address and password to log in.  Notice all the new icons that appear at the top of the screen.

  4. Find the events you want to receive emails and text messages by using the Filter button in the middle of the page.

  5. Click into each event you would like to track and select Track this Group  next to the Group Name.

  6. These events will be stored in you’re My Tandem section, located at the far left of the calendar page.  Click the My Tandem  icon and look under the My Tracked Events  tab to see all of your tracked events.

  7. My Tandem will also display all the Groups you track and the events of the Groups in your personal calendar of that section.