Welcome Every Body Program (WEB)

Last Updated: 8/12/2019 10:14 PM

WEB means "Welcome Every Body." WEB is a transition program for 6th grade students here at Hawkins Middle School.

The WEB program is a year-long transition program for students leaving elementary and transitioning into a middle school. In the North Mason School District, our 5th grade students leave Sand Hill and Belfair Elementary to come to Hawkins Middle School as 6th graders. This is often a scary and insecure time for many young people. 

The WEB program trains upcoming 8th graders to be WEB Leaders for the incoming 6th grade students. For every 8-10 6th graders, there are two WEB Leaders who will guide them throughout the year and help them make the transition to middle school more fun and a whole lot easier.

The WEB program begins approximately one week before the first week of school begins. Sixth graders are invited to the annual WEB Orientation Day where they meet their yearlong WEB leaders, play instructional activities, and get to meet other peers their age from Sand Hill and Belfair Elementary.  This helps many students to learn their way around Hawkins Middle School before the first day of school ever begins, AND they already know familiar and friendly faces, including upper classmen and staff.

While we don't encourage parents to attend this orientation (because it's really a day for their children to feel comfortable around peers), parents may attend this orientation and we DO want parents to know that we always have a Family BBQ afterward, and all family members are invited to attend.  Many 6th grade teachers attend, and that is a great time to place a face with a name. 

Sixth graders will meet with their WEB Leaders throughout the year for additional activities. These activities will be both instructional and social.  Instructional activities include discussions on organization, teamwork, bullying, gossip and many other issues that affect young teens at the middle level. Social activities will include scavenger hunts, a Valentine's dance, egg races and more. 

WEB Leaders are encouraged to make contact with their groups several times during the year; many leaders make a point to bring treats or host special events all on their own. We've had leaders who provide ice cream parties at lunch for their groups.

All in all, the Welcome Every Body program provides middle level students with an opportunity to belong and connects them with peers who can help guide them to success while at Hawkins Middle School.