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Transitions Teacher

North Mason High School: Adulting in the Community Portable next to Softball Field and B&G Club.


Classroom number: (360) 277-2238

Fax number: (360) 277-2323

A little about Mr. Bull:

Garrett Bull is a veteran having served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 2006-2010, after which he became a professional truck driver for several years while attending college. He met his wife in 2012, they were married in 2015 and had their first son born in September of 2018. Garrett graduated with an AA degree at Highline College in Elementary Education in 2013, then to continue his education at Saint Martin's University graduating with BA in Special Education (2017). He graduated with a M. Ed in Positive Coaching from the University of Missouri in December 2020. While Mr. Bull was in college, he stopped truck driving to become a paraeducator in a Transitions program for 18-to-21-year-olds in the Central Kitsap School District (2015-2017). After two school years with the North Mason School District working at both elementary schools and the Middle school, Mr. Bull agreed to run the Transitions program at North Mason High as their teacher since January 2019.


Program Mission Statement: Empowering students with unique needs and abilities to work, live and enjoy life by creating independent mindsets through community outreach/networking. This includes volunteer opportunities, independent travel needs, cooking/nutrition knowledge, leisure activities and money management skills.


Letter to parents:

Dear Parents and Guardians,


A transition program is designed to teach life skills for independent living. Former students have named this program: Adulting in the Community. The common goal for students is to gain the skills necessary to become as independent as possible in their adult lives. Students learn this by being exposed to experiences they may not have had but will certainly encounter in their adult lives. We will prepare students to engage in and plan for leisure activities, learn nutrition facts and budget food shopping, cooking for themselves, money management skills and job training. Some students may be in the program for a specific goal in mind and may not plan to stay through 21 years of age. Such skills could include, but are not limited to, volunteer experience for their resume, understanding public transportation for independent living, pursuing an interest based on a High School and Beyond plan, such as exploring college campuses or technical training institutes and more.


Students will also be supported in connecting with adult service agencies. This may include signing up for Social Security Income, DDA services and/or DVR after the age of 21. The High School Transition Program has partnered with local businesses and Exceptional Foresters Inc. (EFI: based in Shelton) to provide volunteer opportunities for students. The program also works closely with Mason Transit Authority to provide bus training for students.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


                                                                        Garrett Bull