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Setting Pawsitive attitudes within the North Mason community! Last Updated: 1/12/2021 7:00 PM


PawsitiveEvery year, North Mason Fire Authority and its community partners celebrate safety in a two-day festival of hand-dirtying, tumbling, fire escaping fun, but this year we are learning to be safe in a whole new way. 2020’s focus is Safety at a Distance.

Social Distancing is no joke.

Social Distancing Guidelines

You will never see the people you don’t make sick
because you stayed at home,
but if they could, they would thank you.

He’s talking about you! We may not be face to face, but we can still interact! Our partners from the Mason County Health Department, North Mason School District, and the North Mason Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition are reaching out to you via video this year, so click on any of our safety choices to learn something new from someone you might just find super fun.

(Elementary Safety Days Videos are followed
by more advanced High School Mental Health Topics.)


Elementary School Videos

#1 How to Safely Dispose of Needles: Finding a needle around town can be scary, but that doesn't mean you can't handle it! Learn what to do if you find yourself in this situation in this video:



#2 Fire! You are fast asleep in your bed and wake up coughing. Then you realize the room is filled with smoke! What do you do! Learn what comes next in this video:



#3 Call 911! Sometimes you are the only thing standing between someone you love in danger and safety, and you need to know how to call for help. 911 is the one to call! Learn how in this video:



#4 Carbon Monoxide Safety: Not all dangers can be seen. Carbon monoxide is a big word for one of those silent dangers. Learn how to protect yourself and your family from it in this video:



#5 Bike Helmets: It's a beautiful day! You think nothing could hurt you. Then, you hit gravel and your bike flips. You skid across  pavement headfirst. Without a helmet, this will likely not end well. Learn how to keep safe in this video:



#6 Life Jackets: Let's go to the lake! We'll play, boat a bit, maybe fish, but we'll do it all safely. Learn how with this next video:



Middle School Videos

#1 Prescription Drug Drop Boxes: Got left over medication? Don't flush it down the toilet! That can make people and animals sick, and no one wants that. Find out what to do with it here, with some help from our middle school prevention group:




High School Videos

#1 Vaping is bad, m'kay: Vaping looks cool and all your friends might be doing it, but you should know what you are getting into before you jump in. North Mason students tell you what you need to know:





#2 Outdoor Safety: There is still a lot left to do outside this summer and fall. Make sure you know how to take care of yourself and others!





#3 Mental Health: We've all felt alone before, but this new world we live in has left us more literally alone than ever. North Mason kids share how to cope:






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